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High repeat business

High repeat business

The chimney sweeping industry offers sustainable repeat business that most people are not prepared to carry out themselves. Pete The Sweep ® has developed a series of highly sophisticated series of systems processes and procedures to ensure that we have the highest rate of repeat business in the UK.
Unique business model

Unique business model

One of the biggest obstacles to the success and growth of most van trades type businesses is the impracticalities of handling and processing enquiries.  The Pete The Sweep ® franchise model is unique in that it operates a sophisticated booking system centrally manned at the Franchisor head office.

Low start-up costs

Low start-up costs

Pete The Sweep ® franchisees do not have to dig deep to purchase our franchise, we believe in lining the pockets of the franchiees not the franchise consultants. Franchise growth is our key focus by offering a franchise model which is fair and is focused on franchisee success

No other sweeping Franchisor offers their Franchisees more. No other Franchisee offers their customers more.

Next time you are out and about in your car, look up to the roofline of the houses, what do you see? Row upon row of chimneys on every single house.

Right up until the late 1960s the primary source of heating in the UK was an open fire. Over the years the vast majority of them have been blocked off or changed to gas fires.  However we are in the middle of a revolution, our gas now comes from Russia and prices have been spiralling and even the Government is worried;  from 2016 building regulations forbid a new house to be built with a gas supply!

Everyone is turning to wood as a fuel, it is cheap, does not contribute to global warming  and literally grows on trees!

It is claimed that 93% of new secondary heating appliances being installed in the UK are log burning Stoves.  Become a Pete the Sweep franchisee and join the revolution!

As a Pete the Sweep Franchise, here are some of the products and services you will be offering.

Advice: Whether the customer is thinking about opening up your fireplace, installing a fire or stove whether it is solid fuel or gas, having problems with an existing fire, or having a problem with damp on their chimney breast Pete the sweep has the solution. Because we provide full classroom style training, as well on-the-job learning, franchisees are able to offer knowledgeable, accurate advice that will normally convert into well paid, high value work.

Sweeping Chimneys & Bird nest removal: Our tried and tested sweeping methods and procedures ensure sweeping is always carried out to the highest of standards. We have in place processes which ensure we have the highest repeat business rate in the industry.

Fitting cowls: We have sourced the industry leading highest quality cowls to meet every situation, to protect from birds, limit flue deterioration, and cure down-drafting. Where fitting a cowl to a square pot we have square cowls made especially for us and also have individual cowls made for specific situations.

Flue Linings: Our training and bespoke survey documentation ensure franchisees provide appropriate advice &; cost effective solutions to a dangerous leaking flue. our procedures ensure all flue liners are professionally installed with minimal disruption. We supply both gas and solid fuel stainless steel linings which are considered the best in the UK, which meet both Gas Safe and BS standards.

Stoves: the Specialist training all franchisees receive ensures existing stoves professionally refitted to facilitate effective cleaning. Franchisees have access to a huge range of traditional and contemporary log burning and multi-fuel stoves at trade prices from the premium manufacturers such as Clearview and Contura as well as our own brand budget range ensuring Franchisees can compete with local fireplace and stove retailers. Access to the franchisors retailing knowledge enables franchisees to help customers to make the correct decision that will suit their situation.

Fireplaces: Franchise training will enable you to  open out and make good the builders opening, fit lintels and hearths,  render and plaster fireplace openings as well as supply and fit fireplaces and oak beams as well as bespoke hand made stone fireplaces at trade prices.

Design, supply and fitting of chimney systems: Franchise training, procedures and documentation enables Franchisee to design and install both steel and pumice chimney systems for fast installation, high performance and a fantastic profit.

Biomass Boilers: We have teamed up with some trusted installers of Biomass who offer tremendous referral fees for leads which result in orders. We provide the training so you can articulate to customers the benefits of installing a biomass boiler and  convert that into a survey.

Other roof and damp problems: Although Franchisees do not normally carry out complete re-roofs, full training will be given to enable Franchisees to carry out remedial roof work. Our business model gives cost effective solutions for our customers, ensuring a high volume of well paid work. franchisees will make repairs to flashing, pointing slipped slates, and fit new pots.

Commercial work: Our commercial division Commercial Chimney Solutions installs boiler flues and maintain fires and chimneys throughout the UK from Guildford to Aberdeen. Where we have work in a franchisee’s territory and it is appropriate this commercial work is offered to the franchisees.

Weddings: A small part of our business, but highly profitable is the attendance of a lucky sweep at a wedding, franchisees are shown how to provide this service and promote it within their territory.